GeoDecisions signed a formal partnership agreement becoming part of NovaLIS Technologies’ Business Partner Consultants and Resellers Programs, following several successful joint initiatives.

"GeoDecisions recommended NovaLIS to a customer in Albemarle County, Virginia, and went on to win a joint-bid for an upcoming project in Spotsylvania County, Virginia," said Mohamed Kacem, Ph.D. and a project manager in GeoDecisions' Newport News, Virginia office.

"Our initial dealings with NovaLIS have been successful, and GeoDecisions believes our future ventures as partners will be just as successful. Partnering with NovaLIS creates a win-win situation."

Although the ink is not yet dry on the partnership, NovaLIS and GeoDecisions are already bidding for and working on new projects.

"GeoDecisions is a high quality GIS service application developer and provider that excels in the new ESRI technologies such as geodatabases and ArcIMS," says NovaLIS President/CEO Gary Waters.