Expands channel to meet rising interest in 3D physical models.

Solid Terrain Modeling (STM)said that three new resellers have been added in three countries. The new resellers include Portugal-based CCCGeomatica; Alberta, Canada-based GeoAnalytic Inc.; and Oakland, CA-based HJW GeoSpatial.

Carlos Coucelo Consultoria Geom¿ca Lda (CCCGeom¿ca) (www.cccgeo.com) is a Portuguese GIS consulting and services company that bases its activity on the use of geography as a data integration tool.

"Our main goal is to promote the effective use of geography and GIS technology to help achieve better and more objective decision making," said Carlos Coucelo, CCCGeom¿ca's founder. "We value STM models as an incomparable and highly effective communication tool that fits perfectly into any GIS project and overcomes the limitations of flat maps."

Coucelo added, "Solid terrain models provide a unique way to convey real-world data and development alternatives that everyone can interpret and understand. We are currently preparing for Geographic Army Institute (IGeoE), a reference institution in the Portuguese cartography, a set of 2 models that will allow IGeoE to show how their maps and data can be represented in a completely new way."

CCCGeom¿ca is located in Taguspark N¿cleo Central 242, 2780-920 Porto Salvo, Portugal. Phone is 351-214-222-653. E-mail is carlos@cccgeo.com.

GeoAnalytic Inc. (www.geoanalytic.com) is a Canadian company that specializes in providing high-quality mapping software, data, and services to industrial and government clients worldwide. GeoAnalytic's professional staff produces affordable maps of the highest quality and accuracy - for petroleum exploration, facilities management, land use and environmental applications.

"Our clients' mapping requirements demand high quality, accurate data within short timeframes. We have worked hard to develop a range of easy to use digital products that meet these expectations." said GeoAnalytic president, David Currie. "Now with STM models as an added product, we can present this valuable data in a 3-dimensional physical format that is accessible to a wider audience."

GeoAnalytic Inc. is located at 700 4th Avenue, Suite 300, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3J4. Telephone is 403-213-2700 and e-mail is info@geoanalytic.com.

California-based HJW GeoSpatial (www.hjw.com), a leading spatial information firm, provides aerial photography, digital mapping, and satellite imagery processing for local and state governments, federal agencies, developers, engineers, and anyone who needs accurate land use information.

John Magill, general manager at HJW GeoSpatial, said, "For 50 years we have provided our clients with information about land in the form of aerial photographs, maps, orthophotography, and 3-D graphics. The STM models are a natural extension of our services."

HJW GeoSpatial is located at 8407 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA. Phone is 510-638-6122. E-mail is mapping@hjw.com.