Microsearch Released GeoLab 2001

MicrosearchreleasedGeoLab 2001. A windows program that calculates coordinates of survey points, GeoLab 2001 uses the least squares technique for calculating the coordinates of any number of points and can handle any number of measurements. Significant improvements to GeoLab include the ability to import foreign-format data files directly. Both GPS and conventional (e.g. total station) data file formats are supported and third-party developers can develop their own plug-in modules that GeoLab will automatically recognize and load at startup. All loaded formats are displayed using the new File/Imports menu. Network drawing efficiency has been increased and network drawings can be exported to bitmap or Windows metafile formats as well as the usual DXF format. GeoLab now supports network adjustments in local x, y coordinates (XY records). (Microsearch, Juniper, New Brunswick, Canada)