Enterprise solutions include digital aerial camera, photogrammetric software, and client/server solutions.

Z/I Imaging, an Intergraph company, announced at the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) 2003 annual conference in Anchorage, Alaska, that it is demonstrating powerful data acquisition, softcopy production and image management and distribution solutions throughout the enterprise for imaging and geospatial professionals. Conference attendees can see first hand a complete digital workflow including mission planning, sensor management, digital imagery, photogrammetric software and a client/server image management, storage and distribution system. Imagery of Alaska was presented to illustrate the remarkably high geometric and radiometric quality of the Digital Mapping Camera (DMC). Imagery could be viewed in its post-processed state or as a 3D model processed with ImageStation software.

"An enterprise solutions approach offers our customers immediate access to geospatial data throughout the entire project cycle," said Dr. Terrance Keating, chairman of Z/I Imaging Corporation. "Combining our digital acquisition system with our ImageStation photogrammetric software suite ensures high-quality project deliverables. In addition, our TerraShare suite of products provides the framework to connect every user within the enterprise so that project data is readily available for every user. This fully integrated workflow will greatly improve our customers' overall production workflow."

Enterprise production solutions
Employing a digital acquisition workflow emphasizes the immediate need to manage and store large quantities of image data. TerraShare can begin tracking the data in the mission planning stage of the project to make information and imagery easily located and more accessible. TerraShare streamlines and speeds the distribution and retrieval process with enterprise project management tools designed specifically for the earth imaging market.

The cost-effective, automated data management system provides accessible and secure long-term storage and management of digital imagery files, digital terrain models, vector data and geospatial information in a work group setting. The modular integrated design of TerraShare addresses geodata management and distribution needs within a single environment, regardless of the number of operational workflows that exists in the organization. The TerraShare solution begins with TerraShare core client/server software and then adds specific modules to meet the needs of an organization, including:

  • TerraShare Production Manager provides a graphical display of image footprints and project meta data, as well as managing the production process
  • TerraShare Ortho Manager enables viewing thousands of orthos as a single backdrop
  • TerraShare Enterprise DTM integrates elevation data into one enterprise environment
  • TerraShare e-geo provides tools to customize a distribution site
  • TerraShare Software Development Kit (SDK) allows users to tailor TerraShare for customized needs

TerraShare dynamically builds a storehouse across the corporate enterprise, warehouses and inventories earth imaging data, and enables easy access of terabytes of information in seconds, dramatically impacting an organization's data management expenses.