Screens in French, German and Spanish survey and navigation solutions for surveyors in international markets.

Thales Navigation announced that its ProMark2 with kinematic capabilities now offers multiple-language support, with all screens displayable in French, German and Spanish, in addition to English, enhancing the system's appeal to surveyors in several important international markets. The company will also add French, German and Spanish as language support to its Ashtech Solutions GPS post-processing software (L1), thereby creating a complete package in the languages of choice for these markets.

Language selection is convenient and easy: when ProMark2 users turn on the system, they have a choice of four languages. Once selected, all screens throughout the survey process will be delivered in their language of choice.

"Thales Navigation is dedicated to bringing surveyors around the world the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and highly-affordable GPS solutions that help them realize the dramatic benefits of GPS," said Neil Vancans, general manager of Thales Navigation's professional products business unit. "Our commitment to the international survey markets - in Europe, Latin America and elsewhere -- and the importance of those markets to our business, is evidenced by the introduction of one of our most popular GPS survey systems in the languages most requested by customers."

ProMark2 is the only GPS survey system currently on the market to combine precise positioning and street navigation capabilities in one compact solution. With data collection 100 times faster than static GPS systems, one-person operation and no line-of-sight requirement between points, ProMark2 can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of any survey project.

Positioning and Navigation in One Locating and surveying hard-to-find-points is a snap with ProMark2. It features post-processed, centimeter-level survey capabilities and stand-alone, real-time, 3-5 meter reconnaissance and navigation.

The navigation mode assists surveyors in performing two important tasks: job-site location and point reconnaissance. Simply enter the coordinates or the point of interest address, and ProMark2 will display the location of the desired destination on a built-in map. In addition, the built-in map database allows users to see their position relative to highways, waterways, and railways, while displaying bearing, heading, distance, speed, and more.

Transitioning from finding the point to surveying it requires only a few keystrokes. The ProMark2 features an intuitive interface that enables simple and fast data collection. In the survey mode using the Ashtech ProAntenna and Ashtech Solutions GPS post-processing software (L1), the ProMark2 survey system accurately establishes coordinates for new or existing points.

ProMark2 with kinematic capabilities lets surveyors collect data up to 100 times faster than with a static GPS system. Topographic features can be collected as fast as with an optical total station but at half the price. ProMark2 is also about half the cost of other GPS surveying systems, and it provides additional long-term savings in manpower since only one person is required for operation and users can span long distances with single observations. A mobile user can move rapidly from point to point with as few as 15 seconds of occupation time.

Through easy-to-learn software, experienced and novice surveyors alike can unlock the productivity gains of GPS surveying with reliable, high-quality results. The ProMark2 display and software provide a level of usability not found in other professional grade GPS survey systems because of the Thales Navigation experience in developing GPS solutions for recreational use.

The ProMark2 surveying system with kinematic capabilities includes two ProMark2 GPS receivers and accessories, as well as antennas and cables, field bags, mounting brackets, measuring tapes, instruction manuals and more. Customers can purchase additional receivers to use with the same base station. Each system also includes one Ashtech Solutions GPS post-processing software (L1) package.