Laser-Scan is joining forces with Ordnance Survey to host a free seminar for system integrators and independent consultants working in the telecommunications industry.

The half-day event reveals how companies can take advantage of location data to enhance the end user experience. Those attending the seminar will discover how their business, and its customers, can benefit from the integration of location and business data. Expert speakers from both Ordnance Survey and Laser-Scan will explain how this centralisation allows companies to leverage the power of their data in the development of smart services and network & asset management.

Vertical Marketing Manager for the wireless sector at Ordnance Survey, Neil Wilkins, said:

"This event draws on the combined experience of Ordnance Survey and Laser-Scan to help telecommunications companies get the most out of location based data. A range of important issues will be explored including smart data, intelligent display, data drift, interoperability and geographic intelligence. Through a series of presentations and demonstrations we will offer insights into the applications and advantages of location data and help businesses to develop interoperable solutions, build on existing investments and maintain the quality and accuracy of their data."

The seminar takes place on April 29th at the Ordnance Survey Business Centre, Southampton. Entry to the event is free.

To register for this event please visit