Proposed Standard Form 330 Will Replace the Current SF's 254 and 255

Update --- Proposed Standard Form 330, Architect Engineer Qualifications

SF 330 will replace the current SFs 254 and 255. The form expands essential information, eliminates redundant and marginal information, and reflects current A/E disciplines and experiences. Part I presents contract specific qualifications, and Part II general qualifications.

The ACSM ad hoc committee that developed the form is now cataloging and evaluating the extensive comments on this form. The ad hoc committee estimates that its work will take until August 2002 to complete. Then the revised form must be staffed through the appropriate Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) committees, the FAR Secretariat, and the OMB before it is published as a final rule. By the time all of the review is complete, SF 330 will not replace SFs 254 and 255 until approximately August, 2003. Until then, continue to use SF 254 and 255.