One of Laser-Scan's founders has been appointed as a non-executive director at Snowflake Software. Peter Woodsford (60) has now moved to a non-executive director role at Laser-Scan, which he helped to launch in the early 1970s.

Following his graduation from Cambridge University with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Woodsford worked on a pioneering computer graphics package - GINO, the precursor of several graphics standards.

At Laser-Scan he has played many roles including Technical Director, Managing Director and Chairman. He has directed development teams in large screen graphics displays, automated vectorisation, map production systems and Object-Oriented geospatial databases. He is a key member of the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. In 1990 he was Chairman of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI). He is currently President of OEEPE Commission 5 - Delivery and Integration of Data and Services.

Woodsford is highly regarded within the GIS industry and is the author of over thirty publications on Geographic Information and associated technologies and business applications. He has been a member of several industry review bodies.

Snowflake Software provides innovative mapping technology and consultancy services, specialising in the development of software products using mainstream, interoperable technologies such as Java, Oracle and XML. Snowflake recently launched GO Loader - a software tool specifically developed for modelling and loading Oracle Spatial databases with geographical data supplied in GML formats. Snowflake is an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner, a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork and a Laser-Scan Business Partner.