Three mapping services to sell solid terrain models; fast-Growing VAR channel expands with mapping specialists in California and Canada.

Solid Terrain Modeling (STM), manufacturer of the world's most accurate 3-D solid terrain models, appointed three new valued added resellers (VARs): Ottawa, Canada-based GeoSolutions Consulting Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA-based Pacific Geo Technologies, and San Clemente, CA-based Digital Terrain Design.

Gary James, STM vice president, sales and marketing, said, "We are pleased that we have added these three talented companies as VARs. They have excellent credentials in mapping services and engineering consulting. They bring extensive expertise in these areas and have already worked with us to provide their clients with our solid terrain models."

GeoSolutions Consulting Inc. (GCI) is a fast growing Canadian company dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective, innovative Geographic information System (GIS) solutions for their spatial information management needs. GCI senior GIS analyst Tim Albert said, "We have had an excellent experience providing an STM model to one of our clients, Geological Survey of Canada's Landslide and Geological Hazards division. We had a solid terrain model of Mt Munday built for them so they could measure a major landslide and use it for demonstrations. We see a great value in offering these STM models for a variety of applications to our client base." GCI is located at 575 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 5W5. Phone is 613-727-7563 and e-mail is

Pacific Geo Technologies (PGT) is a California-based company focused on the use of imagery within the geospatial market. PGT represents a variety of software products in this area, and is engaged in consulting, business development, marketing, and reselling of software and data specific to the geospatial market. Dave Van Mouwerik, PGT president said, "We had an STM 3-D model made for a client that is building a 500-acre business park on the North Island of New Zealand. They are successfully using it as a promotional tool to convey the unique attractions of the business park to their prospects. This is one of the exciting applications in which PGT is now involved that use STM models as part of our clients' presentation strategies." PGT is located at 38 Chuparrosa Dr., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. Phone is 805-782-0612. E-mail is < a href="mailto:davevm@pacgeotech>davevm@pacgeotech.

Digital Terrain Design (DTD) is a California-based company that provides innovative and responsive products to give clear visual understanding of proposed developments and large-scale land use issues. DTD creates three-dimensional computer databases for visual analysis, visual simulations, and project animations for public presentation or web applications. John Paez, president of DTD said, "We have an important project for the Orange County Integrated Waste Management Department that is a series of landfill model presentations which will effectively show the public and jurisdictions exactly what the proposed designs will be in simple and accurate 3D. Another STM model is being used for a Korean residential community that is being managed and designed in Southern California to communicate concepts that are often lost in traditional and sometimes complicated plans and drawings." DTD is located at 2962 Bonanza, CA 92673. Phone is 949-533-8881. E-mail is