ESSI to develop and validate agriculture-related remote sensing technologies in drive to refine precision farming.

Earth Search Sciences, Inc. has been awarded a contract to collect hyperspectral data from its leading airborne platform for the Remote Sensing Technologies Center (RSTC) at Mississippi State University. The extensive work to develop and validate agriculture-related remote sensing technologies – an area of demonstrated success for Earth Search Sciences -- will generate more than $200,000 in revenue.

Mississippi State University established the RSTC to focus on developing applications of remote sensing technologies in agriculture, forestry, transportation and environmental assessment, underpinned by cross-cutting activities in computational modeling, data management and analysis, and workforce development. A primary sponsor for the RSTC is the NASA Stennis Space Center’s Earth Sciences Applications Directorate. The overall goal of the research program of the RSTC is to produce a robust research process that defines the role of the land-grant university in applying remote sensing technologies to solve problems that affect our stakeholders. Additional information on Mississippi State University and RSTC can be found at

The RSTC project will require Earth Search to collect Probe 1 hyperspectral data over a number of research sites in Mississippi beginning in early May 2002. RSTC will use this data over these highly characterized sites to develop and validate agriculture-related remote sensing technologies. The drive to refine precision farming provides an opportunity to demonstrate how hyperspectral remote sensing technology can be used effectively and efficiently to identify crop conditions, improve decision-making and reduce agricultural chemical usage while improving farm profitability.