Features new 3D CAD model viewing, markup and measurement capabilities for CATIA, Pro/E, SAT, STEP and VDA-FS formats.

Spicer Corporation released Imagenation 7.0 3D+ with new 3D CAD model viewing, markup, and measurement capabilities for CATIA, Pro/Engineer, SAT, STEP, and VDA-FS formats.

Imagenation 7.0 also adds new large-format scanner drivers as well as native file support for JPEG 2000 and LizardTech's MrSID format. New save features include the capability to write single-page raster images to Adobe PDF and convert or export drawings and 2D markups to the versatile XML-based SVG format. Easy to learn and use, Imagenation now supports nearly 200 native file formats and revisions including CAD, vector, raster, hybrid, and office documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF formats.

Imagenation's new 3D+ edition lets users view, markup, and measure 3D CAD part and assembly models, as well as 2D drawing files, without needing a copy of the native authoring application to do so. Imagenation 7.0 3D+ offers many powerful and intuitive 3D tools including:

  • Measurement Tool - Obtain precise distance, edge length, vertex coordinates, arc, angle minimum distance, and face surface measurements using a single dialog box.
  • Model Explorer - Display a tree view of the parts in the 3D model. Use the Model Explorer to select, hide, and show parts. Single or multiple faces of the model can also be displayed.
  • Cross Sectioning Tool - Use a predefined or custom clipping plane to slice through a portion of the model and reveal the interior.
  • Transformation Tool - A powerful tool that enables users to move, rotate, or resize parts of the model or the entire model. Users can define custom transformation values.
  • 3D Mark ups - Place text markups directly on 3D CAD models.

    With Imagenation's multiple document capabilities, users can open many 2D documents and 3D models simultaneously in a tile, cascade, full window, or multi-page arrangement, and easily move from file to file while reviewing project documents. Moreover, Imagenation's 3D transformation and cross-sectioning tools incorporate 'sticky settings' and do not reset if a user opens a new file or clicks into a different window.

    Imagenation 7.0 also continues to enhance large-format scanning and document clean up capabilities. This recent release adds new color scanner drivers for VIDAR's Titan Atlas series and additional drivers for Contex, Oc¿and GTCO/Calcomp scanners.

    To learn more about Imagenation 7.0 3D+ or to download an evaluation copy, visit the Spicer Web site at www.spicer.com.