Companies to jointly develop location-based E-mail applications.

Maporama and NP6 announced a strategic partnership to develop a new direct multi-channel geo-marketing solution. This new partnership is established within the framework of the Maporama Location-Based Email Initiative.

The new ASP-based geo-marketing applications developed by Maporama and NP6 are specifically designed for large corporates in the retail and service industries. The new applications enable companies to reduce operating costs, while at the same time generating in-store traffic through sophisticated targeting of their direct geo-marketing campaigns, according to geographic criteria.

The new combination of MailPerformance and Maporama enables companies to benefit from the ability to target selected prospects located near to a specific point of sales. For example, during a local promotional event, a point of sales network can keep costs to minimum and at the same time accelerate return on investment in the new solution, by only sending promotional emails to recipients living within 3 kilometres from the relevant store.

E-mails sent out during a campaign via MailPerformance and Maporama are entirely personalized according to geographic criteria, relevant to recipients' addresses, plus different promotions from point of sales networks, can be purposefully addressed only to recipients living within a certain radius. For example, a network of points of sales offering different promotions in different stores will send to each recipient of E-mail campaign information about promotions in the store nearest to his or her address.

In addition, a detailed situation map of the nearest point of sales and a detailed turn-by-turn itinerary relative to the recipient's geographic location is automatically provided within each message.

MailPerformance includes powerful integration technology, allowing for the provision and editing of promotional discount coupons within recipient E-mails - and includes a tool for generating personalized barcodes (advertiser's ID+promotion ID+target ID), printable from a webpage. A barcode reader linked to a connected machine can then validate the unique discount coupon and automatically add this information to MailPerformance's tracking module.