Software for for parcel, cadastral and tax mapping.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced the immediate availability of GeoMedia Parcel Manager 5.0, a new industry product for surveyors, land planners, tax mappers, and assessment officers. Based on Intergraph's GeoMedia Professional 5.0, the new product facilitates productive maintenance and management of parcel and boundary information and supports the essential, day-to-day operations of any organization required to maintain cadastral and land information data, including property, parcel, easement, and boundary data.

GeoMedia Parcel Manager is designed to address the challenges that land management agencies face - data maintenance in an environment characterized by numerous daily land transactions such as ownership changes, land revaluation, or area rezoning. Because it creates, manages, and maintains land information in a nonproprietary database environment, GeoMedia Parcel Manager simplifies data sharing across an organization or between agencies and facilitates integrated access to the most accurate and up-to-date information regardless of the data format. And, unlike conventional parcel and boundary management systems, GeoMedia Parcel Manager automatically stores captured COGO (coordinate geometry) information in the enterprise database, so accurate source data can be retrieved when it is needed.

GeoMedia Parcel Manager allows users to rapidly perform parcel and boundary maintenance tasks; simplify the subdivision process; speed data capture, correction, and integration; and efficiently generate accurate cadastral maps. Key capabilities of the new product include:

  • Proportioning geometry
  • COGO
  • Property merge and split
  • Survey data integration
  • Parcel fabric adjustment

GeoMedia Parcel Manager provides a migration path for current users of MGE Parcel Manager, GeoSolutions Parcel, MicroStation, AutoCAD, and other legacy systems. The migration tools and services available from Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions make it easy to transition legacy data into GeoMedia Parcel Manager's open, seamless database environment. For GeoMedia Parcel Manager product information or to learn more about Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, visit