Applanix released POSPac 4.0

ApplanixreleasedPOSPac 4.0, the latest update to the company’s aided inertial post–processing software. POSPac 4.0 contains the following significant additions. A new Position and Orientation System Calibration (POSCal) capability has been added to the POSEO (Exterior Orientation) module. This enhancement computes the camera/IMU boresight angles and camera calibration parameters directly, eliminating the need for third party aerotriangulation. The new batch processing mode allows automated post-processing of multiple data sets. After specifying the location of raw data files and base station coordinates, the user can leave the computer unattended and perform other vital job functions. POSPac will automatically compute the smoothed solutions, optimizing filter settings for each data set without user intervention. (Applanix, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)