FME can translate the Ordnance SurveyÆs MasterMap product into a wide range of GIS, CAD, and database systems, such as Oracle Spatial, ESRI ArcSDE, Geodatabase, MapInfo, Intergraph GeoMedia, and many more.

Safe Software has added support for the Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap V2 Address Layer.

Numerous Safe Software customers in the UK have been using FME to load OS MasterMap V2 into a variety of databases and GIS systems. The addition of the Address Layer to the DNF support in FME ensures a complete and comprehensive path from OS MasterMap to any of the 100+ GIS and database formats supported by FME,¿ said Mark Stoakes of Safe Software's Professional Services Division. ¿FME can also be used to merge OS MasterMap files with the aid of the FME Workbench DuplicateRemover transformer, which eliminates features with duplicate TOID values.¿

Safe Software has also added support for OSTN02, Ordnance Survey's new and definitive coordinate transformation. OSTN02 greatly improves the accuracy of the transformation from Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to Britain's map system, the OSGB36 national grid.

These new additions emphasize the continued commitment by Safe Software and its UK distributors Dotted Eyes, ESRI UK, Laser-Scan UK, Realworld 00 Systems, Apic UK and Intergraph UK to support all of the United KingdomÆs Ordnance Survey MasterMap data.