MicroSurvey Software Inc.’s FieldGenius now supports the Juniper Allegro CE

MicroSurvey Software Inc.’s FieldGeniusnow supports the Juniper Allegro CE Handheld Computer, a viable option for land surveyors due to its rugged design, keyboard, capacity, fast processor, large screen, connectivity, long battery life, built-in heated display, cold weather operation and ergonomic shape. MicroSurvey Software also released robotic support in FieldGenius surveyor. FieldGenius now fully supports the following robotic total stations: Geodimeter 600 series; Leica 700 autoseries; Leica 1100 series; Trimble 5600 series; Topcon 800 series; and Topcon APL-1A. This new functionality provides robotic automation of stakeout, traversing and check shots. FieldGenius can also now record Voice Notes with stored points. Once recorded, these notes are available for playback on both FieldGenius and MicroSurvey desktop software. (MicroSurvey, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada)