Hall will present “GIS as a Tool for Managing Terrorist Attacks and Other Emergencies” at Harvard's first GIS Day celebration.

PlanGraphics Executive Consultant Jim Hall will present "GIS as a Tool for Managing Terrorist Attacks and Other Emergencies" on November 20th, GIS Day, at Harvard University’s first GIS Day celebration entitled “GIS at Harvard and Beyond” which will showcase Geographic Information Science research, teaching, and learning. The presentation will cover how a team of determined GIS and other IT professionals succeeded in establishing a new GIS-based emergency response center within days of the World Trade Center attacks, as well as how GIS technology is used to monitor diseases and other emergencies around the world. Mr. Hall will also discuss how GIS and remote sensing are being used to assist in minimizing the future impact of natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

“After the tragic events of Sept. 11th, in New York City, geography turned out to be the enabler that linked disparate systems and databases and supported decision-making in an unprecedented way. I am happy to help the Harvard community share in a transfer of experience, ideas, and insights regarding GIS and its powerful capabilities and real world uses,” commented Jim Hall.

The Harvard GIS User Group decided to celebrate GIS Day by holding the symposium in order to focus attention on GIS and the excellent GIS resources at Harvard. In addition, the GIS Day Symposium is designed to raise awareness about GIS among undergraduates and graduate students at Harvard and in the greater Boston area.

To find out more about the day’s activities, log onto http://www.gis.harvard.edu.