Students learn to maximize data across a broad range of applications.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced an online education training program, "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)," presented by the Intergraph GeoSpatial Users Community (IGUC). The training program, established to provide both a theoretical and hands-on understanding of GIS, is suitable for existing users of GeoMedia Professional or other GIS technology, as well as those within the academic or commercial community who are new to GIS. Designed to help students understand geospatial data and its benefit in a real-world setting, the program teaches students to maximize the value of data across a broad range of applications.

"The Intergraph Online Education Training Program represents the next step in our continued commitment to advance the application of geospatial technology worldwide," said Fiona McKee, education program manager, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. "This course provides an ideal opportunity for both beginners and experienced professionals to embrace GIS education in a self-paced, convenient environment, increasing the value of their current data and learning new methods of geospatial technology application."

The training program provides a 10-week online course that affords a unique opportunity for participants to learn at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Through the Web, instructors and participants will be able to interact, sharing files, discussing course content and joining forums. The 10-week course will allow participants to comprehend the subject matter thoroughly and extend the course material to incorporate a broad range of theories, examples and exercises, providing a well-rounded learning experience. Students will receive a 12-week license of GeoMedia Professional to facilitate hands-on learning. Those who complete the program may take an online test to gain GeoMedia Professional Certified User status.

Pre-registration is available now for courses starting this Fall. For more information on the Online Education Training Program, visit