Site redesign and new 24X7 customer service supports popular mobile CAD software.

Digital River Inc. and Arc Second Inc. announced that Digital River has launched a redesigned e-commerce site for Arc Second’s PocketCAD. Located at, the site features Arc Second’s popular line of PocketCAD software, the most comprehensive line of mobile CAD products on the market today. From the site, the mobile-ready software can be purchased and fulfilled physically or downloaded to a personal computer for transfer to a personal digital assistant (PDA). In addition to hosting and managing the e-commerce site, Digital River is providing transaction management, customer service, and fraud prevention and e-marketing services.

Arc Second’s newly designed e-commerce site features PocketCad PRO 4.0 as well as PocketCAD line of viewers. PocketCAD is used by some of the world’s best architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals to create new drawings as well as edit existing drawings. An award-winning solution, PocketCAD has quickly established itself as a necessary tool for mobile professionals. Additionally, with a developer community creating extensions to PocketCAD for global positioning systems, facility management, and telecommunication solutions, PocketCAD is setting the standard for how mobile engineering is done.