Winners co-authored an application paper entitled, “Colorado Irrigated Lands Project.”

Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division has announced the winners of the “Win With IMAGINE” contest. The winners are Mike White, Applications Senior Analyst for Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), and Earl Saunders, Planning Consultant for Saunders & Associates, who co-authored an ERDAS IMAGINE® application paper entitled, “Colorado Irrigated Lands Project.” The grand prize for the Win With IMAGINE contest is a 35mm Leica minilux zoom camera, a $1,000 value.

“It is nice to be rewarded for this project,” said White. “This was a huge project and it took a lot of time and effort from everyone to pull it off. Without the tools and software (ERDAS IMAGINE) used, this project wouldn’t have been as successful.”

White and Saunders’ paper detailed how Colorado Springs Utilities used ERDAS IMAGINE software to calculate the amount of irrigated lands within the CSU Water Services Area, an amount they are required to report to the State Water Resources Board every ten years. CSU took color infrared (CIR) images of the Area to determine irrigated and non-irrigated vegetation. With ERDAS IMAGINE, they used unsupervised classification methods to classify the CIR images into vegetated and non-vegetated areas.

CSU removed remaining ambiguity and potential errors on the images with their existing GIS. Using land use overlays, the analysis separated areas into residential and other land uses, and they were then able to yield an acceptable number to report. CSU completed this major project from design to implementation to final conclusions in less than three months.

ERDAS IMAGINE users entered the contest by submitting an application paper explaining how ERDAS IMAGINE was used to successfully complete a GIS project. The contest was open January 1 through March 31. Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division personnel determined the winner, who was chosen based on the content and image quality in the application paper.

All contest entries, as well as existing ERDAS IMAGINE application papers can be viewed at