Software offers new tools for ArcMap users.

NovaLIS Technologies of Charlotte, N.C. and The Sidwell Company of St. Charles, Ill. have entered a partnership to build the next generation of Parcel Editor software. The joint development effort will provide Parcel Editor 8.1 users with a complete toolkit that bridges Sidwell’s experience in linear editing and cartographic output capabilities to the spatial editing tools and modeling capabilities of NovaLIS’ Parcel Editor software.

Parcel Editor 8.1 provides a combination of core functionality, customized tools, and workflow capabilities to meet the diverse requirements of current and future ArcMap users. Users can select their preferred model of parcel editing, linear or spatial. This selection will activate the default toolkit appropriate to their model of choice. The user will also be able to move back and forth between models at their discretion.

Within ArcMap, Parcel Editor 8.1 gives users comprehensive tools to perform parcel maintenance activities such as parcel splits, combines, Coordinate Geometry (COGO) entry of subdivisions, map production as well as centerline and structure addressing functions in Geodatabases in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as personal Geodatabases. Users can combine these tools to create custom workflows that match their organizations’ processes for maintaining parcel fabric and producing cartographic representations.