Pole's design limits possibility of injury while offering more accessory room.

SECO Manufacturing introduced a new telescoping pole for the robotics user that includes an innovative lock and vial assembly. The Twistloc Vial or TLV includes a bright yellow vial on an easy-to-use, twist-style lock. Getting the vial off the pole allows more room for other accessories.

The locking device is positive locking and the pin assures a guaranteed height that prevents slipping and HI errors. There is nothing to adjust or wear out. Users wearing gloves will appreciate the large soft-touch rubber coating on the knob.

The TLV is not the only new feature of the pole. The outer pole is manufactured of a strong and stable lightweight carbon fiber. The inner telescoping pole is available with metric or dual graduations and employs a new dampening mechanism that slows the collapse of the pole, reducing the possibility of hand or finger injuries. Poles are available in 2.6 and 3.5 meter height.