Helps organizations get the most from investments in spatial data; facilitates fast deployment of interactive mapping applications for accessing data from multiple sources.

Autodesk Inc. announced that Autodesk MapGuide has been certified to support Oracle9i Application Server. With the certification, Autodesk MapGuide together with Oracle9i Application Server will help enterprises create innovative custom Java applications to distribute location-based data for improving customer services, streamlining business operations, performing efficient plant management and developing new revenue streams.

Innovative Uses of Spatial Data
Many organizations have invested heavily in the creation of spatial data; distributing data beyond the source to the non-technical user is essential to realizing its full value. By using Autodesk MapGuide as a development platform and graphical front end, and leveraging the scalable and reliable Oracle9i Application Server for deployment, organizations can develop customized, enterprise-scale Java and XML-based applications.

Oracle9i Application Server
Oracle solves the IT challenge of integrating fragmented middleware products to run an e-business by providing one product that can replace more than 12 separate point products from other vendors. Oracle9i Application Server features full J2EE and XML support, built-in enterprise portal software, high-speed caching, business intelligence, rapid application development, application and business integration, web services, and more, all in one package. With Oracle’s lightweight J2EE engine and extended caching capabilities, companies can save on infrastructure costs by scaling with software instead of hardware.

Autodesk MapGuide
Autodesk MapGuide helps organizations develop, manage, maintain, and deploy GIS and digital design data applications on the Internet, intranet, extranet, or in the field. Autodesk MapGuide software’s powerful, easy-to-implement client/server technology assembles spatial and attribute data from multiple sources and delivers it in real time where it is needed via the Web to thousands of simultaneous users inside or outside the customer’s organization.