Intergraph upgraded its OGC membership to the Consortium's highest level.

The Open GIS Consortium Inc. (OGC) announced that Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, a business division of Intergraph Corporation, has upgraded its OGC membership to the Strategic level - the Consortium's highest level of membership. Intergraph's longstanding support of OGC, coupled with this new membership level affirms its strong commitment to geospatial interoperability.

Intergraph will engage in strategic planning as a member of both the OGC Planning Committee and as a member of the newly formed OGC Strategic Advisory Committee. The company will continue to participate in OGC Technical Committee programs to collaboratively define and approve spatial interface specifications that support interoperability. Intergraph believes that OGC initiatives enable Intergraph to bring new innovations to its users and to the GIS industry at large.

As part of their Strategic Membership agreement, Intergraph will be dedicating a staff resource to the OGC program to focus on advancing interoperability in the area of Critical Infrastructure Protection. Mr. George Desrochers of Intergraph will play a significant leadership role in the Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative, which is set to commence in the next few weeks