Technology from Laser-Scan integrates with a new offering from Snowflake Software.

Ordnance Survey customers will soon have access to two ground-breaking products to help them reap the benefits of OS MasterMap.

World leading technology from geospatial experts Laser-Scan integrates with a new offering from the company's technology partner Snowflake Software to form a powerful combination. GO-Loader can directly stream GML (Geography Markup Language) data, such as OS MasterMap, into the Oracle Spatial environment.

Laser-Scan and Snowflake have been working closely together to enable Snowflake's GO-Loader to stream topological GML directly into an Oracle table structure recognised by Laser-Scan's latest development Radius Topology.

Snowflake Director Eddie Curtis commented: "GO-Loader and Radius Topology make a perfect combination for handling the advanced features of a data set like OS MasterMap. These products really unlock the value of OS MasterMap data by making it simple to manage the complex structures of the data and by boosting the database performance."

Customers using both products will get the benefit of streaming topological data directly into a topologically aware Oracle9i database without the need for any restructuring or pre-processing.

Laser-Scan has also developed a solution to allow users to bulk load OS MasterMap data or to load it incrementally into its Gothic database.

The intrinsic topological capabilities of Laser-Scan technology make it ideal for OS MasterMap verification and update.

This new development follows Laser-Scan's involvement in the creation of OS MasterMap, which was launched in 2001. Laser-Scan's technology was used in the process of re-engineering the OS data.