Autodesk Map Series for GIS, mapping, and infrastructure management professionals includes a new application: Autodesk OnSite for faster and easier visualization, query, markup, and presentation of spatial data.

Autodesk Inc. the world’s leading design software and digital content company, announced the new Autodesk Map Series, an affordably priced and tightly integrated suite of mapping and design software for GIS, mapping and infrastructure management professionals to create, maintain, integrate and present maps. The Autodesk Map Series combines proven technology into a single suite of software that addresses all parts of the mapping workflow: Autodesk Map 5 for map creation and maintenance; Autodesk Raster Design 3 for integrating paper-based drawings and raster imagery into the digital design process; and the new Autodesk OnSite (built on industry-proven Autodesk MapGuide technology), for easy desktop visualization, query, and presentation of spatial data.

Autodesk Map Series
Customer demand drove the creation of the Autodesk Map Series, which addresses their productivity challenges and simplifies the purchase and management of software licenses. For productivity, the Autodesk Map Series helps solve some of the biggest challenges facing mapping professionals, including increasing productivity by streamlining the way they work with and share spatial data, as well as increasing efficiency by helping reduce errors and omissions.

In addition to the technical and process challenges, the Autodesk Map Series addresses the business side of purchasing and owning software. In a single package, the Autodesk Map Series contains all of the mapping, editing, and query software customers require, greatly simplifying the purchase decision. In addition, the Map Series is available on subscription, which eases the challenge of managing multiple product site licenses; provides predictable annual costs, making it easier to budget; and delivers new functionality in extensions as soon as they are released, minimizing upgrade disruptions.

Autodesk OnSite
Built on industry-proven Autodesk MapGuide technology, Autodesk OnSite is a new desktop application designed to extend an organization’s investment in spatial data by making it possible for a wide range of users to be involved in the design process in order to visualize, query, and present spatial data for new uses. The software integrates and visualizes live vector and raster data from multiple sources into a single, simple interface. This visualization allows fast business query to help reveal trends and patterns such as customer, business, and marketplace demographics, as well as manage physical infrastructures. Following are key features and benefits of Autodesk OnSite:

  • Simple User Interface – Non-technical users can work with spatial data across the workflow to add value to the design process.
  • Setup Wizards – Greatly simplified map creation and layer setup and definition allows a wide range of users to create custom maps
  • Markup/Redline – Enhances the exchange of information and collaboration increasing efficiency of the design process.
  • Data Formats – Support for most industry standards helps eliminate conversion errors and quickly assembles data from multiple sources for analysis.
  • Thematic Support – Helps improve the display and clarity of maps by customizing visualizations based on attribute, object, or linked data.
  • Publish Maps – Combined with Autodesk MapGuide, users can publish maps to browsers and mobile devices without losing context, layers, themes, and queries.

In addition to features and benefits found in the Map Series, users can leverage Autodesk’s resources to further enhance the map design process and maximize their technology investments. With seamless integration to Autodesk’s customer website, Point A, users get an integrated desktop and Internet work environment and a personalized global access point to Autodesk services and information. Point A enables them to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and offers access to up-to-date industry information, personalized newsletters, tips, tutorials and online training. For more information on the Autodesk Map Series, visit