Seminars to discuss use of GIS technology to improve homeland security.

With the help of geographic information system (GIS) technology, agencies involved in homeland security are able to increase their effective response to every community's imperative need for an increase in preparation and safety. ESRI, the world leader in GIS software, along with Compaq Computer Corporation and Citrix Systems Inc., is offering free seminars for community officials and leaders to learn about the beneficial implications of this innovative and crucial software.

Agencies can use GIS to analyze the best possible locations for community emergency escape routes, emergency staging locations, and command posts. The software can offer vital information such as the adequacy of evacuation shelters, where water valves and shutoffs are located, and which hospitals have maximum emergency capacity. This information helps leaders make decisions about necessary measures and new policies for their communities.

The seminars will include lessons learned since September 11, government organizational issues, health-related concerns and hardware and systems integration. The afternoon session will consist of a technology demonstration and leading GIS solutions available for homeland security.

The following is a list of conference dates and locations:
5/14/02Sacramento, CA
5/16/02Seattle, WA
5/28/02Atlanta, GA
5/30/02Dallas, TX
6/11/02Washington, DC
6/13/02Newark, NJ
7/23/02Denver, CO
7/25/02Columbus, OH

To register for the seminar online, please go to For further information, contact Brenda Martinez, ESRI, at 909/793-2853, ext. 1-2614, or e-mail