New image exploitation products add to solutions for streamlining reconnaissance, security and surveillance workflows.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions is showcasing its geospatial intelligence solutions at the GEOINT 2004 conference in New Orleans, La., Oct. 12 through Oct. 14.

Military and intelligence organizations today face the dilemma of deciding what information - from an overwhelming volume of accessible data - is best for any given situation and how to efficiently integrate that data into a single, functional picture. Intergraph's interoperable solutions enable organizations to select and combine the right data from diverse sources into a single environment for better decision making and response.

At the show, Intergraph is introducing GeoMedia Image Scout, a new product for advanced image exploitation that analyzes and intensifies multi-source geospatial data. Available immediately, GeoMedia Image Scout enables quick and accurate broad area search operations of digital imagery using geospatial fusion. Features and elevation data can be used to determine where imagery should be searched. GeoMedia Image Scout provides tools to quickly build image mosaics and conduct direct searches using geospatial data. The product includes electronic light table functionality based on the ELT 5500 technology developed by Intergraph's partner, Paragon Imaging, to chip, enhance and mensurate in the related imagery. GeoMedia Image Scout also provides the imagery analyst the ability to import points of interest and navigate instantly from one to another as a simple and straightforward point search feature.

Also available as an add-on to Intergraph's GeoMedia Image Scout is the GeoMedia Stereo Viewer product that offers stereo viewing capability for displaying map legend features along with stereo model images in 3D. GeoMedia Image Scout with the GeoMedia Stereo Viewer add-on provides the user the capability to automatically generate and display stereo image pairs and to smoothly roam through a 3D scene. This capability provides a much-needed addition to the image analyst desktop that is simple and easy to use. The new products can be seen in the Intergraph booth (Booth 92, Napoleon Ballroom, Sheraton New Orleans), and the HP booth.

Intergraph will be a key participant in the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation's (USGIF) "Enabling Information Dominance: A Multi-source GEOINT Technology Demo" in the USGIF booth. This collaborative geospatial intelligence interoperability demonstration, involving numerous spatial technology companies, will show how frameworks of standardized interfaces, information entities, objects, models and encodings can provide a common understanding and exchange of data and services to more effectively meet USGIF's mission.

Streamlining workflows for reconnaissance, security and surveillance Also on display in the Intergraph booth are desktop, Web and mobile technologies for streamlining workflows of intelligence activities, such as gathering field data, reconnaissance, security and surveillance. The solutions showcase capabilities to:

  • Facilitate generation of a common relevant operating
  • Improve planning and decision making using analysis and visualization
  • Share data across the enterprise and around the world
  • Access data and integrate it into data collection, product generation and exploitation workflows - regardless of location or format
  • Integrate mobile technology with geospatial information in support of military and security-based activities

Source: Intergraph, Oct. 12, 2004