MWH Soft, Inc., a global provider of water resources applications software, announced that Howard County, Md., has selected MWH Soft H2OMAP Water Suite software and Platinum Subscription program for its comprehensive water facilities master plan. Howard County evaluated other modeling software, a process which included hands-on presentations by software vendor representatives to key decision-makers in the utility's public works department, but ultimately opted to standardize on H2OMAP's powerful geospatial technology. The decision underlines MWH Soft's market-leading momentum in advanced GIS-based infrastructure modeling and optimization solutions in North Americas.

Located in Columbia, Md., Howard County Department of Public Works is the sixth-largest county in the state of Maryland, serving a population of over 265,000. Howard County buys ninety percent of its public drinking water from the City of Baltimore and ten percent from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. The County will use H2OMAP as the basis for developing a comprehensive GIS-based solution for analyzing its water system and optimizing capital improvement projects.

With direct support to geodatabases, the innovative network modeling technology of the MWH Soft geospatial software suite addresses every facet of utility infrastructure management and protection - delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. Drawing on the most advanced genetic algorithms optimization, hydraulic simulation, and geospatial analysis technologies, it effortlessly reads GIS datasets; corrects network topology problems and data flaws; extracts pertinent modeling information; and automatically constructs, skeletonizes, loads, calibrates and generates credible network models with astounding speed. The suite also allows users to share mission-critical GIS and modeling information in real time over the Internet and corporate intranets. Once models have been established, users can easily run and simulate various conditions, pinpoint system deficiencies, and determine the most cost-effective physical and operational improvements and security upgrades to achieve optimum performance and regulatory compliance, while improving community relations.

Source: MWH Soft, Sept. 21, 2004