AERO-METRIC INC., Sheboygan, Wisconsin, announced it has named Roger E. Crystal as contracts manager for federal programs. Crystal will interact with leaders of geospatial programs within the federal government to ensure that AERO-METRIC meets the needs of U.S. Government organizations. Crystal will represent the entire AERO-METRIC corporation, and six operating divisions, when pursing these agencies. He will work from his Portland, Oregon office.

Crystal has more than 35 years of experience in the geospatial profession. He is a past president of ASPRS and a current member of the MAPPS Board.

Prior to joining AERO-METRIC, Crystal worked for the USDA-Forest Service as the Director of Information Resource Management. In 1996, he joined Titan Corporation as the Director for GIS, Portland, Oregon.

Crystal is a certified photogrammetrist and has served on many professional and industry geospatial committees and boards.

Source: AERO-METRIC, Jan. 21, 2005