Intergraph announced Telefonica de Espana S.A.U. has chosen Intergraph's G/Comms as the enabling core for its Geospatial Resource Management system.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Telefonica de Espana S.A.U. has chosen Intergraph's G/Comms, the company's next-generation technology for communications utility geofacilities management based on G/Technology, as the enabling core for its Geospatial Resource Management (GRM) System.

Telefonica, a top 10 communications provider worldwide and one of Europe's leading telecommunications operators, serves 100 million customers worldwide. The GRM will facilitate a completely integrated IT environment, linking Telefonica's outside plant management and network inventory system with corporate systems for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), customer information and support marketing and mobile resource management. The open technology framework of G/Comms allows valuable network engineering data to coexist within a company's enterprise information technology infrastructure, thus reducing administration costs and manual processes.

Telefonica selected Intergraph technology because of the company's proven reliability in solutions and services throughout the 18-year relationship between the two companies.

G/Comms will play a key role in improving Telefonica's business processes by integrating critical workflows among applications that manage, monitor and maintain its service-delivery network. G/Comms will provide new levels of functionality, open database access, scalability and high-performance as Telefonica upgrades its 600-seat Outside Plant Network and Inventory System, SIMPLEX, which was based on Intergraph's flagship FRAMME solution to a 700-seat capacity. This new corporate system, called PLANEX, will link directly to Oracle and integrate several applications that combine spatial data, attribute data and metadata/configuration data into the corporate database. The corporate database, will allow centralized access to Telefonica's CACHE files that are distributed by zones and regions for consulting and editing net components. The new data architecture will permit the company to use the network information for many different areas and departments. Overall, the PLANEX solution philosophy will allow Telefonica to deploy an enterprisewide system to improve company decision making.

PLANEX will use Intergraph's G/Comms and GeoMedia software to enable network support staff and decision-makers throughout the enterprise to gain immediate spatial analysis and graphic representation of corporate data that can support business processes and decision making.

IntelliWhere brings corporate network data to the field To expand its GRM solutions for use by mobile workers, Telefonica has recently completed implementation of Intergraph's IntelliWhere OnDemand PDA mapping software to connect field staff with corporate systems using PDAs. The software allows employees to see corporate network and feature information independent of whether they are working inside the plant on desktop systems or in the field using mobile devices. Using the new field application, Telef?nica can fast track the inspection of wooden telegraph or telephone poles and drive ongoing inspections and maintenance efficiency.

The GRM system implementation is a joint effort between Telefonica, Intergraph Spain and Intergraph Synergy Partner, Avanzit Tecnologia, S.L. Development of PLANEX has begun with deployment being undertaken in a multi-phase approach. Full enterprisewide implementation is expected to be completed by the end of 2006.

Source: Intergraph, Jan. 4, 2005