John Deere's new rubber over-the-tire tracks for John Deere 200 and 300 Series skid steers maximize productivity in applications that require additional traction or flotation.

This system is ideal for soft and muddy ground conditions where a wheeled skid steer might bog down. The tracks enhance traction and flotation without causing the surface damage of steel tracks, allowing operation on turf, asphalt and concrete. Additional benefits include quieter operation and an improved ride over rough ground, which reduces operator fatigue. A skid steer with the rubber tracks deliver performance similar to a compact track loader (CTL), but at significantly lower cost.

Installation is similar to that of steel tracks. The rubber tracks can be mounted over 10- and 12-inch pneumatic tires, including standard, extra-wall and hauler models - no specialized tires are required. The system also can be removed when not needed, which increases the life of the tracks. Track length is adjusted easily by using a selection of rubber joints of varying length. A skid steer with over-the-tire rubber tracks can travel up to 12 miles per hour with two-speed option, resulting in faster cycle times for increased productivity. And with no expensive undercarriage components to repair or replace, hourly operating costs are lower.

Source: John Deere, Sept. 16, 2004