MaxStream Inc. announced the release of its 9XTend 900 MHz OEM RF Modules. Power output is selectable from 1 milliWatt to 1 Watt conducted, providing FCC-allowable radiated power output to 4 Watts. These new wireless modules deliver up to twice the range of MaxStream's previous long-range modules, six times the data throughput, and 256-bit data encryption in the industry's smallest full one-Watt wireless module available.

Power Output of 9XTend OEM RF Modules
The 9XTend outputs one Watt (30 dBm) of conducted power output while consuming only 780 milliamps at five volts. This makes the 9XTend one of the most efficient 1 Watt 900 MHz modems in the industry. The 9XTend can output 4 Watts radiated power allowed by the FCC.

The 9XTend provides more security through data encryption than is available on competing modems. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used with a 256-bit key, the highest encryption standard available. This makes the 9XTend ideal for secure applications including homeland security, building automation systems, automated teller machines, point-of-sale terminals, and keyless/remote access systems. No time penalty is incurred during AES encryption or decryption.

Interference Immunity
MaxStream includes its XII™ Interference Immunity Technology in the 9XTend. This hardware/software solution creates wireless systems that are immune to RF interferers such as cell phones, pages, and other wireless systems.

Sensitivity and Range
These high-performance transceivers boast -110 dBm receiver sensitivity providing long communication range. Users can receive 900 MHz transmissions up to ½ mile in urban environments, 15 miles line-of-sight, and 40 miles with high-gain antennas.

Data Throughput
The 9XTend can be configured for the highest possible throughput or the longest possible range. This is done with an adjustable over-the-air data rate. When set for the highest possible throughput, users can expect 120 kbps over-the-air data rate with receiver sensitivity at -103 dBm. When set for the longest possible range, users can expect 10 kbps over-the-air data rate with receiver sensitivity at -110 dBm. Users can also set interface data rates from 1200 bps to 230 kbps.

9XTend Development Kits allow users to communicate wirelessly in a matter of minutes, providing a fast and positive out-of-box experience. No configuration is necessary for many modes of operation, including networking modes. Advanced networking features allow for easy configuration of transparent peer-to-peer, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multi-drop network topologies.

Source: MaxStream, Oct. 25, 2004