New tool tailors software implementation and training to eliminate downtime and measure performance.

Online Assessment Testing for Autodesk software including AutoCAD, Autodesk Architectural Desktop, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Land Desktop. Clark Nexsen, a full-service architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, has benefited greatly from the new service that includes customized assessment testing, implementation and training. Using a series of targeted surveys and interviewing techniques, more than 150 Clark Nexsen engineers, designers and architects will receive customized training by Avatech based on each individual's skill level significantly enabling the company to best utilize the latest Autodesk Architectural Desktop software and maximize return on investment.

Avatech employed their proprietary, systematic approach with Clark Nexsen. Engineers, designers and architects were polled via an online assessment test and personally interviewed to determine not only technical levels, but also how people interact professionally within the office. Secondly, levels of hardware, operating systems, network systems and other system requirements were scrutinized to ensure Clark Nexsen could accommodate the new solution.

Once all data was compiled, Avatech determined a number of "CAD gurus" to be trained first. Next, office standards were set up in Architectural Desktop with the assistance of the newly appointed gurus, who then assisted with training the next level, the people responsible for production work. One or two cross discipline pilot projects were selected as part of the training exercises, ensuring that production was not interrupted. Designers were able to learn techniques as they go and actually work on a live project without giving up valuable production time. Once feedback is compiled from the pilot projects, Avatech will further refine the process, roll it out company wide and start mass training of individuals. Already trained gurus will be in place to assist staff and serve as trainers/mentors for new employees coming aboard.

Source: Avatech Solutions Inc., Jan. 12, 2004