Sokkia Corporation introduced the new DT610 to its line of digital theodolites. The DT610 completes the line of digital theodolites introduced recently, the DT210, DT510 and DT510A. The new DT610 includes many new features, and dramatically increases operating time by over 75%. By incorporating Sokkia's patented Absolute Angle Encoders with a new algorithm, battery life has been increased to an astonishing 110 hours on 2 standard "C-size" alkaline batteries.

For increased convenience, both models notify users when the instruments come within +/-15° of each of the four right angle 90° directions by emitting an audible tone. The tone changes pitch when a right angle is passed. A brief silence between the tones indicates the instrument is pointing to within +/-1° of a right angle. When the instrument is restarted, the DT610 displays the azimuth angle automatically. Stability and reliability are provided by the RAndom Bidirectional (RAB) code technology that is incorporated in Sokkia's original absolute encoders. The DT610 has horizontal and vertical angle accuracy of 7" (2.2mgon).

A large LCD screen provides clear angle reading under all conditions, and thanks to simple 4-key operation, no training is required. Complying with the tough IP66 standard for resistance to dust and water, the DT610 offers superior dependability even under harsh environmental conditions. The DT610 replaces the DT600 digital theodolite and is available from Sokkia distributors and resellers worldwide.

Source: Sokkia Corp., Jan. 19, 2004