The addition brings P2 Energy Solutions an expanded suite of solutions and services, including Tobin LandSuite and spatial data services.

P2 Energy Solutions Inc. announced that Tobin International Inc. has merged with P2 Energy Solutions, creating the oil and gas sector's largest owner and provider of enterprise software and services, mapping data and storage systems. Tobin International is now a wholly owned subsidiary of P2ES. With approximately 500 employees located in offices in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver and Calgary, P2ES serves the oil and gas industry's financial, operational, and data management needs. P2ES customer base includes over 500 software and data clients ranging from private independents to super independents and major oil companies. P2ES is focused on the development and support of technology solutions and data management to meet the business process and back office needs of the energy industry, enabling its clients to achieve greater productivity while maintaining effective controls. P2ES now owns, offers, and fully supports products that integrate with applications from Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft/J.D. Edwards, and IBM, the leading providers of enterprise solutions and relational databases.

The P2ES product offering now includes the following industry leading solutions and services:

Software Applications

  • Enterprise Upstream - A functionally rich, web-based transactional processing software suite built on Oracle technology. Enterprise Upstream provides production volume and asset management solutions implemented at midsize and large independent oil and gas companies as well as the major oil companies' E&P divisions.
  • Tobin LandSuite (TLS) - The level land/lease management system that integrates textual and spatial land and ownership data with other related data. TLS is built on Oracle database technology, and integrates with the mySAP Oil & Gas Upstream Solution as well as the Enterprise Upstream product line.
  • Excalibur - A comprehensive system of integrated financial and operational solutions built on IBM database technology. Designed for cost-effective implementation and maintenance, Excalibur is used at more than 140 domestic E&P companies.
  • Entelligent Software - A multi-currency, multi-lingual oil and gas cost accounting system integrated with the PeopleSoft/J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne solution and adopted by the Canadian oil and gas industry.
  • Petroleum Financial Inc. (PFI) - An outsourced accounting and land administration service wherein more than 40 oil and gas clients entrust their entire back office administration to our company.
  • Tobin InSight - A complete system of geo-business information access, interchange and storage products that combine and simplify the workflow processes of a company's geo-business operations. Tobin InSight enables managing, integrating, distributing, updating, and analyzing geographical data with tabular business information.
  • Tobin Data Products - The Tobin SuperBase suite of digital data products provide the most comprehensive U.S. oil and gas sector electronic base map which contains more than 80 unique sets of geo-referenced data including Tobin Land Survey Data, Tobin Property Ownership Data, Tobin Oil and Gas Lease Data and Tobin Oil and Gas Well Location Data that is linked to many of the industry's other important third-party data sets such as well logs, and well and production data.


  • Software Implementation & Application Integration - P2ES and Tobin consultants implement all P2ES software products and provide application integration services.
  • Data Integration - Tobin Data Services provides comprehensive spatial data integration services to support Tobin InSight implementations and upgrades.
  • Custom Mapping - Tobin Data Services provides imagery, custom mapping, data creation and data integration and maintenance services.

    Source: P2Energy Solutions, Jan. 6, 2004