This enterprise-wide software solution integrates independent CAD and GIS software systems.

Haestad Methods released GISConnect for AutoCAD, an enterprise-wide software solution that integrates independent CAD and GIS software systems. GISConnect is an add-on to AutoCAD and ESRI's ArcGIS products, and ties both environments together to provide the key benefits of each program in one application. It empowers users to work directly within AutoCAD providing full control over the entire dataset to create, edit, view and manipulate "live" ArcGIS data. With GISConnect, professionals can use native AutoCAD commands to perform GIS tasks, filter data spatially or via attribute queries and select AutoCAD entities using geodatabase queries. GISConnect is compatible with AutoCAD 2002 and 2004, and all ArcGIS products of version 8 or higher. (Haestad Methods, Waterbury, Conn.)