The city of Phoenix has chosen to deploy MWHS's InfoWater advanced GIS technology to support enterprise-wide geospatial hydraulic modeling.

MWH Soft Inc., a global provider of water resources applications software, announced that the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, serving the sixth largest and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, has selected MWH Soft InfoWater Suite for its enterprise GIS hydraulic modeling. The utility considered other geospatial modeling software, but ultimately opted to upgrade to multiple licenses of InfoWater Suite ArcGIS-based (ESRI, Redlands, California) technology.

The Phoenix Water Services Department serves a population of more than 1.4 million in a service area of 530 square miles, one of the largest utility service areas in the nation. It operates 6,011 miles of water mains and five treatment plants with a combined capacity of about 630 million gallons per day. The utility will use InfoWater as the basis for developing a comprehensive ArcGIS-based solution for modeling and managing its drinking water infrastructure and optimizing its capital improvement projects.

The innovative network modeling technology of the MWH Soft geospatial software suite addresses every facet of utility infrastructure management, optimization and protection. Built atop ArcGIS and drawing on the most advanced numerical computation and object-component geospatial technologies, it effortlessly reads GIS datasets; corrects network topology problems and data flaws; extracts pertinent modeling information; and automatically constructs, skeletonizes, loads, calibrates and generates optimized solutions with astounding speed. The result is performance modeling that sets new levels of scalability, reliability, functionality and flexibility within the powerful ArcGIS environment. Using these advanced tools, utilities can easily simulate and evaluate various conditions, pinpoint system deficiencies, and determine the most cost-effective improvements to achieve optimum performance and regulatory compliance, and meet new security challenges.

Source: MWH Soft Inc., Sept. 10, 2004