The Cyra Technologies Inc. subsidiary's name has been formally changed to Leica Geosystems HDS Inc.

Leica Geosystems announced that the name of its Cyra Technologies Inc. subsidiary has been formally changed to Leica Geosystems HDS Inc. The name change is intended to reflect several important developments in the company's 3D laser scanning products business since Leica Geosystems acquired Cyra Technologies in 2001. The company's products are used for conducting as-built, engineering, and detail geometric surveys within the AEC markets.

The name change reflects several developments in the company's laser scanning business since 2001. First, during this period Cyra, operating as a division of Leica Geosystems, became closely integrated with other parts of Leica Geosystems. For example, Cyra and Leica Geosystems' Corporate Technology Center in Switzerland jointly developed critical parts in the division's new HDS3000 laser scanner. Leica Geosystems and its strategic partners also manufacture key components of the new HDS3000 scanner. Additionally, Leica Geosystems' S&E Division grew to provide an important sales and support channel for the company's laser scanners and software in several parts of the world. This deep integration built a solid foundation for the HDS division to further leverage the values and strengths of the Leica brand worldwide.

A second important development that factored in the new name was the company's recent major marketing initiative to redefine "3D laser scanning" as "High-Definition Surveying" or HDS. The new "High-Definition Surveying" term more clearly describes how this revolutionary technology differs from other geometric data capture and use methods. The new "HDS" descriptor also strongly leverages Leica Geosystems' current TPS and GPS product line terminology. Ever since its major product introduction at the Intergeo conference in September 2003, when Leica Geosystems formally introduced the terms "High-Definition Surveying" and HDS, the market acceptance and appeal of these new terms has proved to be very positive. Many of the company's customers and prospects have quickly picked up the new terms and several editors of leading industry trade publications have also expressed their strong support for the new terms and concepts. Finally, Leica Geosystems' application for registration of "HDS" as an International Trademark was recently approved by many of the major countries in which Leica Geosystems conducts business. Together, all of these factors contributed favorably to the decision to rename the division to Leica Geosystems HDS Inc.

While the legal name change is effective immediately, it is recognized that the name "Cyra" has also earned a strong identity with 3D laser scanning. As one of the industry's pioneers and as the industry's clear market leader, the name "Cyra" has, for many professionals, become synonymous with 3D laser scanning. Thus, in its marketing activities, the company plans to transition from the name "Cyra" to "Leica Geosystems HDS Inc." by continuing to refer to Cyra as appropriate until the new name is similarly recognized. For example, "formerly Cyra Technologies" will be included in many marketing materials.

Source: Leica Geosystems, April 23, 2004