The design of these chargers allows it to fit all the different standard smart battery sizes and automatically inform the user if calibration is required.

Inspired Energy Inc. responded to customer demand by introducing the CH5000A desktop smart charger/calibrator. Designed to operate with SMBus/Smart Battery System (SBS) compliant NiMH and Li Ion smart batteries, the CH5000A is capable of charging every battery in the Inspired Energy Range--from their smallest 23Wh to their largest 95Wh smart packs. The CH5000A is chemistry and voltage independent--it can charge and calibrate all Inspired Energy Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium ion battery packs ranging in voltage from 3.6V to 14.4V. As battery packs age, their electronic fuel gauges can drift and become inaccurate, requiring periodic recalibration. The CH5000A is unique--upon inserting the battery it automatically informs the user if calibration is required. This eliminates unnecessary calibration cycles and allows the user to choose between a regular recharge, or a calibration cycle.

Another unique feature of this charger is that its design allows it to fit all the different standard smart battery sizes.

The CH5000A comes with a North American mains cord, and a 110-240V AC to 24V DC power supply. A version with a medical grade power supply (CH5000AM) meeting UL2601 -1, CSA22.2 No. 601, and EN60601-1, is available upon request. Versions are also available with mains cords for the UK and European markets (CH5000U and CH5000E).

The CH5000A is capable of charging and calibrating all 26 Inspired Energy standard, smart batteries and custom hybrid variants. Upon insertion of the battery, the charger and battery communicate via the SMBus. The battery identifies itself and requests an appropriate charge. Charging then begins automatically with no further user input necessary. If the battery requires recalibration, it tells the charger, which in turn informs the user by flashing an LED. The user can then choose to recalibrate the fuel gauge by pressing the button on the front of the CH5000A, or can opt to calibrate at a later time and carry out a recharge instead.

Source: Inspired Energy, May 3, 2004