On giving.

In times of need, the consideration of those who come forward to help-whether it be individuals or groups-is often immeasurable. Volunteer work and cash donations to support charitable efforts are a true sign of human generosity. Oftentimes, this type of giving fares deeper than its monetary value; many times, it is a show of emotion-hope, faith, joy, and sometimes even grief, sorrow or devastation.

To begin this year, POB magazine put its money where its collective heart is to support efforts in response to both new beginnings and unfortunate calamity. In January, our parent company, BNP Media, on behalf of our 40-plus publications, donated a generous amount to the tsunami relief efforts in Southeast Asia. The money was given in response to our sadness and devastation for the victims and for the survivors, and in hopes of rebuilding that area of the continent.

Also in January, POB magazine, in partnership with several sister publications in our architecture and construction division, donated to the Jimmy Carter Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build project. This endeavor, to take place June 19-25 throughout Michigan, will encompass the building of 225 homes in one week with concentrations in Detroit and Benton Harbor. BNP Media will be the sole sponsor of one house; we hope to help make it a home for a family in need. The Blitz Build project features former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalyn, who, since 1984, have contributed one week of their time every year to build houses and raise awareness for affordable housing needs. The project is held at a different location each year. The Detroit project is particularly compelling because it involves rebuilding a neighborhood. We are proud to be involved in this bighearted endeavor. Stay tuned for more details on this project in future issues.

POB has also provided support to the industry we serve as well. In lieu of tangible, commercial items and even other viable charity donations, POB chose to donate its recent annual holiday givings to the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society to provide support to its members and others following the four-hurricane season of 2004. We hope our donation aided some of the surveying businesses, their staff and their families to get back on their feet.

In response to my Editor's Note in February of 2004 on the NSPS/NCEES promotional Speaker's Kit, Topcon, along with POB, aided in the project's development and production. Additionally, other companies responded to POB's calls for action on the project, including ESRI, Innerspace Technology, I-SiTE 3D Laser Imaging, Geo-3D Inc., and a slew of individuals in the industry. The promotional kits, which highlight the many areas of the surveying and mapping sciences, will be supplied to NSPS officers and directors, state boards of licensure, and many colleges and universities. Also, a number of kits will be provided to the National Middle School Association as ACSM continues to work with the organization on lesson plans for its members. Other kits will be provided, as available, to those who request them.

Along with the Speaker's Kit, NSPS and NCEES created a stellar website promoting the profession. Click on www.surveyingcareer.com to find information on being a surveyor, becoming a surveyor, various career options and their salaries, interesting statistics about the profession, and licensure and education. Spread the word about this website, and we'll spread the word about surveying and mapping!

Another effort undertaken by NSPS, this one headed by ACSM, gained financial and professional support from Trimble, ESRI and several state societies: the Library of Congress Surveying and Mapping Exhibit. This project, which will establish a year-long exhibit highlighting the professions in the lobby of the institution, is now able to move forward. You may have seen advertisements for the exhibit project in the ACSM Bulletin or here in POB. Fundraising efforts are ongoing, so if you are able to contribute, please contact ACSM.

These stories are ones of success and true examples that goodness leads to positivity in so many ways. We at POB look forward to continuing our support of the organizations who seek to make a difference-for people, for communities and for the professions we serve.