Prosurv LLC announced the release of the all new Pocket WorldCon software for the Pocket PC. Pocket WorldCon is a Pocket PC State Plane and Lat/Long Conversion program with built-in NADCON capability.

Users can enter a Latitude/Longitude, State Plane Coordinate, or UTM Coordinate in NAD27 or NAD83 in feet or meters and convert to a Lat/Long, State Plane Coordinate, or UTM Coordinate in NAD27 or NAD83 in feet or meters. The built in NADCON shift is utilized whenever a NAD27/NAD83 conversion is required.

An easy-to-use drop-down box allows the user to select from over 350 zones, including all NAD27 and NAD83 State Plane Coordinate Zones, and UTM Zones 1-60. Lat/Long are always entered as positive values, since the program automatically detects East or West zones. South UTM zones are also supported (UTM 1-60 South).

Coordinates support three different units, including meters, U.S. foot and international foot, with automatic unit conversions for both "From" and "To" coordinates.

With Prosurv WorldCon software, the user can convert from a Wyoming West Central NAD27 US Foot coordinate to a Wyoming West Central NAD83 Meters coordinate in one step. Lat/Long can be entered as decimal or DMS values.

A seven-day trial of Prosurv WorldCon is available at Or call toll-free 888-647-9500.

Prosurv LLC manufactures and distributes cutting-edge software for surveyors and the GIS industry. Other software titles by Prosurv LLC include Prosurv Pocket Quads.NET and Prosurv cEZ Data Collection.

Source: Prosurv, March 4, 2005