Digital camera, photogrammetry and image management software to help Tianjin address data acquisition opportunities in growing Chinese market.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Tianjin Golden Universe Information Technology Co. Ltd. (Tianjin) has purchased two Intergraph Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Cameras (DMC) in addition to photogrammetry and TerraShare software. Tianjin provides geospatial solutions for Chinese government bodies, including land, housing and planning departments. The company will use the DMC along with the additional Z/I Imaging photogrammetry and image management software to speed the collection, creation and distribution of imagery. The purchase of the two cameras enables Tianjin to capitalize on the growing market opportunities for the capture and exploitation of earth imagery data, which continue to climb with the rapid urban growth within China. Additionally, Tianjin will use the DMC to offer data capture services to its customers.

Tianjin chose the DMC because of its reputation for providing high-precision, quality imagery. Also important to Tianjin was the DMC's ability to capture imagery in a wide spectrum of light and weather conditions. This ensures that successful photoflights can be completed despite the variable weather conditions, which are prevalent in the China regions. Tianjin expects to realize new efficiencies in creating and delivering customer imagery due to the transformation of its processes to a fully digital workflow using Z/I Imaging technology.

Source: Intergraph, Aug. 26, 2004