GIS technology will allow Ogdensburg, N.J., to efficiently identify & manage Issues Related to Water Infrastructure and Development Projects

Schoor DePalma, an engineering and consulting firm, announced that it is working with Ogdensburg, N.J. on the electronic mapping of the Borough's water infrastructure. Using Geographical Information System (GIS) technology, Schoor DePalma will develop an electronic version of the Borough's stormwater system, potable water system, and tax maps to help Ogdensburg to better identify and manage issues with its water infrastructure and development projects. The electronic mapping project will be completed by winter 2005.

Schoor DePalma's work on the electronic mapping of the Borough's stormwater system will help Ogdensburg to meet new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) stormwater management regulations. The mapping of all stormwater outfalls will assist to identify and prevent illicit discharges into our nation's bodies of water.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology will be used to map all inlets, manholes and stormwater outfall pipes throughout the Borough. The use of GIS technology will assist the Borough to better analyze areas of illicit discharge and to view a wealth of specific information on each stormwater outfall attribute, such as size, dimensions, discharge points and receiving points.

Schoor DePalma will also complete a full GIS database for Ogdensburg's potable water system. The technology will map all of the fire hydrants, values, and water supply in the Borough and will be utilized by Ogdensburg's Public Works Department for facilities management of its potable water infrastructure.

All of Ogdensburg's paper tax maps will also be converted into digital images and inputted in an electronic database. This work will enable tax assessors to easily identify individual parcels for the basis of future development in the Borough. This digital parcel layer will become the foundation of an enterprise-wide GIS effort.

The company is also working with an independent third party on aerial and topographic services. These services will help to determine the direction of water flow from the stormwater systems and assist in solving other issues throughout the town.

Source: Schoor DePalma, Sept. 20, 2004