Golden Software Inc. has upgraded its MapViewer with more than 100 new features--including the ability to export maps with working hyperlinks directly from MapViewer to HTML web pages.

Golden Software Inc. has upgraded its MapViewer thematic mapping package with more than 100 new features and enhancements. Among the new features is the ability to export maps with working hyperlinks directly from MapViewer to HTML web pages. No HTML editing or coding is necessary.

Introduced in 1990, MapViewer has emerged as a tough competitor in thematic mapping software and is designed for scientists, engineers and business professionals. Users can display their data in one of thirteen striking fully-customizable map types and easily add graticule lines, legends, or layers. MapViewer is known for its easy-to-use user interface and for creating professional-quality maps.

Two other powerful upgrades to MapViewer 6 are the ability to perform U.S. address geocoding, and the ability to create Thiessen polygons. MapViewer 6 ships with U.S. 2000 Census TIGER/Line street data, which can be imported into MapViewer as a base map. Users can then plot point locations on maps using U.S. addresses and see the distribution of those addresses on the map. Thiessen polygons can be automatically created from point data, so that all space within the area is closer to an associated point object than to any other point. Thiessen polygons are great ways to define sales regions based on central locations, count customers closest to a particular location such as a store, convert point objects to areas to use in thematic maps such as a hatch map, and provide larger hyperlinked regions when working with point data.

MapViewer 6 also boasts new map types, including the gradient map and the cartogram map. Users can create gradient maps that show the distribution of their data in a smooth color spectrum over the entire map. Thirteen different gridding methods are available to interpolate the colors and user's can choose unlimited colors in the color spectrum. Dorling cartogram maps replace the area objects on the map with circles, the size of the circles is based on a data variable. Cartogram maps are valuable tools to visually depict the data distribution when there is an inverse relationship between area size and data value.

MapViewer 6 is fully compatible with other software. It imports and exports data files in all popular formats, and its functionality can be integrated with any ActiveX Automation-compatible software. Visual Basic, C++ and Perl scripts can be used to call MapViewer to automate repetitive functions.

MapViewer is written for use with Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP and is now available at a retail price of $249. Upgrades from previous MapViewer versions are only $79.

Source: Golden Software, Aug. 30, 2004