The 35-300 is a heavy-duty, quick-change utility knife with an advanced grip design. Rugged, balanced and ergonomic, the grip has a textured, non-slip Santoprene overmold and a cushioned blade-slide located at the top of the knife that extends and retracts the blade securely into 8 locked positions. The net result is a utility knife that is easier and safer to handle than conventional designs.

Blade removal is quick and simple with the 35-300, requiring no tools or disassembly. To discharge a spent blade, the user fully extends it and then presses the release button located next to the blade-slide. Spare blades are stored in the knife's retractable storage compartment. A new blade is inserted into the front of the knife while the release button is held down, and the process is complete.

The 35-300 incorporates a handy rope cutter with a recessed cutting jaw into the front of the knife. Now contractors can cut string or pull-line up to 1/8-inch diameter safely and efficiently adding to the functionality of their utility knife.

The IDEAL 35-300 Electrician's Utility Knife is easily identified in a crowded toolbag thanks to its bright safety yellow.

Source: IDEAL Industries, Jan. 26, 2004