This section of covers the various applications of PolyWorks in the surveying world.

InnovMetric Software is proud to present a brand new section of its web site covering the various applications of PolyWorks in the surveying world. Engineers, surveyors, architects, and designers are invited to discover how PolyWorks increases the productivity of 3D laser scanners for survey applications in the fields of:
  • DOT & Civil Engineering
  • Architecture and Building Sites
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Open-pit Mining
Since 2000, InnovMetric has been working in close collaboration with surveyors and scanner manufacturers, applying its vast experience in processing very large point clouds to meet the specific needs of the surveying community. Today, surveyors and engineers that use PolyWorks in their daily work benefit from outstanding scan alignment, geo-referencing, measurement, feature extraction, and visualization capabilities to produce survey-accurate results and to efficiently deliver valuable extracted elements to downstream software suites such as AutoCAD and MicroStation.

In 2004, PolyWorks licenses are at work in more than 30 countries, benefiting users in the surveying community such as Bohannan Huston, Lamp Rynearson & Associates, Mississippi DOT, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Stewart Weir & Co, USA National Ground Intelligence, UK Environmental Agency, and Woolpert LLP with the most complete, accurate, and robust 3D point cloud processing software solution on the market. InnovMetric is celebrating its 10th year of point cloud software development in 2004.

Source: InnovMetric, Feb. 11, 2004