DeLorme introduced TopoTools Advanced Print Kit. The kit provides its 3-D TopoQuads product with new features, including enhanced printing capabilities, enabling large format, 11"x17" and mural printing; field data logging and tracking; UTM coordinates; and a built-in management system. (DeLorme, Yarmouth, Maine) Cyra Technologies Inc. released the Cyrax 2500 3D Laser Scanner. New features include a new pan and tilt mount, allowing for easy manipulation of the unit on its tripod; two easy-connect cables; increased ruggedness and faster scanning of points in 5 to 15 minutes. At a range of 50 m, the Cyrax 2500 achieves 6 mm accuracy for every measured point and 2 mm precision for modeled surfaces. Maximum resolution has been halved to 0.25 mm. (Cyra, Oakland, Calif.)