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This procurement is 100% set-aside for small business concerns. This is an indefinite quantity type contract for Architect-Engineering (A-E) services. Civil and structural engineering services are required for the development and preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates, and to conduct special investigations, studies, analyses, inspections, and preparation of reports for infrastructures and building projects such as, but not limited to waterfront structures, medical facilities, airports, airfields, water, sewer and power lines, mechanical system and electrical systems, POL facilities, recreational facilities, building repairs and new construction and other associated mechanical and electrical works as well as other incidental work. Other incidental work includes any and all items and considerations necessary to insure a complete and usable product including but not limited to necessary design and considerations not specifically stated elsewhere. Engineering services are also required for topographic, hydrographic, and cadastral surveys, associated note reduction, plotting, and report preparation. Post Construction Award Support services are required. Work under this contract shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of the following references: (a) A-E Guide For Architect-Engineering Firms Performing Services for the Department of the Navy, Pacific Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (PACNAVFACENGCOM P-74, November 1999); (b) OPNAVINST 5090.1B-CH2, Environmental and Natural Resources Program Manual, 9 September 1999; (c) Applicable NAVFAC Design Manuals and Military Handbooks; and (d) Executive Order 11507, Prevention, Control and Abatement of Air and Water Pollution at Federal Facilities; (e) OPNAVINST 11010.20F, Facilities Projects Manual; (f) NAVFACINST 11010.44E, Shore Facilities Planning; and (g) Wind Load Criteria as listed in ASCE Standard, Minimum Design Loads to Buildings and Other Structures, Peak Wind Velocity 76m/s (170 mph). The fieldwork shall include all required investigations and testing. Office work will include not only planning documents and preparation of reports, but also meeting with various Naval activities and other Government representatives, and oral presentations and findings and recommendations. This A-E contract will be an indefinite quantity type under which engineering work is authorized on "as required" basis during the life of the contract. The total A-E fee for this contract shall not exceed $1,000,000 per year. The contract term shall be for a period of one year, or until the $1,000,000 limit is reached, whichever occurs first. The guaranteed minimum for the contract is $10,000. The Government has the option to extend the term of the contract in accordance with the OPTION TO EXTEND THE TERM OF THE A-E CONTRACT clause. The total contract term including option shall not exceed 24 months. Proposals may be subject to an advisory audit performed by the Defense Contract Audit Agency. The following selection criteria, in relative order of importance, will be used in the evaluation of A-E firms: (1) Recent specialized experience of the firm and proposed consultants in civil and structural engineering work specifically in tropical environment. List project successfully completed in the last five years (Do not list more than 10 projects). (2) Professional qualifications of the staff (in-house and/or consultants). Specialized experience and technical competence of the proposed engineering/technical staff who will perform the work. For relevant jobs listed in Section 8 of Standard Form (SF) 255, A-E firm must provide the following for each listed job: (a) relevant professional qualifications of team members, i.e., relevant experience of project team leader, and similar recent projects completed; (b) performance rating; and (c) a reference (list of contacts) with telephone number. (3) Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Describe how work will be accomplished in the required time, including the composition of the team and availability of the staff. (4) Past performance on contracts with Department of Defense (DoD), other Government agencies, and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. Describe the A-E firm's quality control program. Provide demonstrated results of reducing errors and/or omissions and the name of key person responsible for the program. (5) Location of the firm in the general geographical area of the project and knowledge of the locality provided that there is an appropriate number of qualified firms therein for consideration. (6) Experience in sustainable design and demonstrated success in prescribing the use of recovered materials and achieving waste reduction and energy efficiency improvements. (7) List work with dollar amounts awarded to the firm by DoD during the last 12 months (October 1999 to September 2000). Volume of DoD work will be considered, with the objective of effecting an equitable distribution of contracts among qualified A-E firms that have not had DoD contracts. (8) Use of small or small disadvantaged or women-owned small business firms shall also be considered. Each firm's past performance and performance rating(s) will be reviewed during the evaluation process and can affect the selection outcome. IN BLOCK 10 OF THE SF 255 AND ADDENDUM THERETO, ADDRESS EACH OF THE ABOVE SELECTION CRITERIA IN NARRATIVE DISCUSSION AND STATE WHY YOUR FIRM IS ESPECIALLY QUALIFIED FOR THIS PROJECT. Show the office location where work will be done and describe the experience and location of those who will do the work. Additional information requested of applying firms in the SF 255: Indicate solicitation number in Block 2b, DUNS number (for the address listed in Block 3) and TIN number in Block 3. For firms applying with multiple offices, indicate the office that completed each of the projects listed in Block 8 and list which office is under contract for any contracts listed in Block 9. Firms not providing the requested information in the format (i.e., not providing a brief description of the quality control program, not listing which office of multiple office firms completed projects listed in Block 8, etc.) directed by this synopsis may be negatively evaluated under selection criteria (4). FIRMS MUST BE REGISTERED IN THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CENTRAL CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION DATABASE TO RECEIVE AWARD. Firms may obtain information on registration and annual confirmation requirements by calling 1-888-227-2423 or via the Internet at In accordance with FAR 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting (Dec 1996) at least 50 percent of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel shall be expended for employees of the small business concern. A-E firms which meet the requirements described in this announcement are invited to submit one set of completed SF 254 (unless already on file) and SF 255 to the Officer In Charge of Construction, NAVFACENGCOM Contracts, Marianas, PSC 455, Box 175, FPO AP 96540-2200; Location Address: Building 101, Ground Floor, U. S. Navy Public Works Center Guam Complex, 96910. Submissions of SFs 254/255 must be received and date/time stamped by the Contracting Officer on or before 30 October 2000 at 4:30 P.M. (Guam Time) in order to be considered. Any submission received after 30 October 2000 at 4:30 P.M. (Guam Time) will not be considered. Firms having a current SF 254 on file with this office may also be considered. The Standard Industrial Classification code is 8711 with a size standard of $4.0 MIL. This is not a request for a proposal. Contact Ms. Doris Castro, Contract Specialist (671) 339-8465 or FAX 339-4248; E-mail: