Environmental work to be performed under this contract will include, but will not be limited to, preparation and/or development of any or all of the following: Clean Air Act Tier II reporting requirements under the Emergency Planning Community Right-to-know Act; design and preparation of plans and specifications for environmental projects, including hazardous and toxic waste (HTRW) sites and facility closures; solid waste plans and landfill groundwater and methane corrective action studies; asbestos and led-based paint testing, management planning and abatement design; detailed record and title searches; various types of field investigations, including soil borings, soil and gas analyses, topographic surveys, mapping and monitoring well installation; water quality assessments of groundwater, wastewater and potable water; combined sewer investigations; underground storage tanks (UST) investigations and testing, as well as post-closure site assessment and corrective action planning; environmental assessments and impact statements; land-use planning; management and archaeological surveys; environmental risk assessments; chemical sampling and analysis including development of sampling plans; oversight of quality assurance/control of environmental construction projects such as remediation and closures; energy management and conservation; technical reviews of reports prepared by others; construction cost estimating for environmental projects; preparation of permit applications and the provision of miscellaneous services to support the above. The above described work may require some or all of the following disciplines: civil environmental, geo-technical, chemical, and mechanical engineering; chemist; biologist; ecologist; certified industrial hygienist; toxicologist; historical architect; hydrologist; geologist; planner; cost estimator; drafting computer scientists/ programmer/ modeling expert; landscape architect; architect. Specific tasks may include, but are not limited to HTW (hazardous / toxic waste) sampling and analysis; clean air act permitting; land use planning; real estate evaluation; and topographic surveying and GIS mapping. Contact, Patrick McLaughlin, 703/ 806-4007/ Contract specialist, Patty Hensley, 410/962-7718.